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    Hailing from the badlands of South Dakota, Kenny Feidler and The Cowboy Killers combine dark cowboy songs and stories of the west with gritty rock n roll. Several years back as a rodeo cowboy, life as a musician was never the plan for Feidler. He penned songs about the life, played them behind the bucking chutes and sold home recorded cds from the trunk of an old Cadillac.


   Since forming a band and leaning into the music, Kenny Feidler & The Cowboy Killers have hit the pavement relentlessly to make fans in grassroots fashion, with fierce live shows and honest songwriting. From those humble beginnings, they have accumulated over 140 million streams worldwide and made die hard fans, all while staying true to their roots and the western world.


Bloodshot 2023

Ghost 2023

Wolf of the Desert Rose 2023

Blue Light 2020

Tryin' Not to Die 2020

The Night Owl Sessions 2020

The Wildest Things 2019

The Cowboy Killers 2019

Singing Buffalo Sessions 2017

Orange Ribbons 2016

Lucky Foxes 2015

Lucky Buck Sessions 2013

Barrel Racer Land 2013

Rodeo Bum 2013

 Total Streams Worldwide


(updated 12/13/23)


Spotify Listeners Last 28 Days 


248,235 Monthly Listeners

(updated 10/17/22)

  1. Dallas 15.1k

  2. Houston 8.8k

  3. Denver 7.5k

  4. Minneapolis 7k

  5. Atlanta 6.8k

  6. Chicago 6.8k

  7. Brisbane(AUS) 5.1k

  8. Seattle 5.1k

  9. Sydney(AUS) 4.8k

  10. San Antonio 4K

  11. Oklahoma City 3.9k

  12. Phoenix 3.5k

  13. Melbourne(AUS) 3.5k

  14. Kansas City 3.2k

  15. Charlotte 3.1k

  16. Omaha 3.1k

  17. Los Angeles 3k

  18. Calgary 2.7k

  19. Portland 2.5k

  20. Philadelphia 2.5k

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